Some sample expenditures of 1849:

Paid Moses H. Head for repairing lock, latch staple handle and bolt socket….&.40
Paid Porter and Rolfe for 14 brass buttons and screws….$.40
His time for putting bottons and screws and repairing doors….$1.00
Paid Asa McFarland for printing handbills for reward offered for damage done Meetinghouse….$.75
Paid William Thompson for one day getting time, sand and making mortar….$1.50
Ruel L. Crain for 4-3/8 days work at $1.50….$6.59
Moody K. Wilson for 1 day cleaning stove….$.57
Paid Gault for going to Concord and use of horse….$1.50

1867 Expenditure:

Paid Smith and Johnson for painting Meetinghouse as per agreement….$5.00
For painting bell dick….$2.00
For painting blinds in belfry….$1.00

Two Items from 1884 Annual Meeting:

The Board of Managers instructed to ascertain of the owners of the horse sheds (demolished by the wind) if they will rebuild them. If not, they will allow other parties to do so.

It was thought best to have the outside of the Meeting house painted, but no vote was taken…it being suggested that perhaps the Ladies Social Society would help pay the expense.