Cradle Roll Department…

Arthur and Edith Chickering began a Cradle Roll Department around 1932. Babies were entered on the Cradle Roll at birth and remained on the roll until they began Sunday School. In 1952, there were 70 babies and small children on the roll. A yearly cradle roll party for the children and their mothers was a tradition until the 1970’s.

Junior Church

A Junior Church was organized and led by Mrs. Priscilla Buchin, Rev. Buchin’s wife, in the early 1930’s. After attending opening of morning worship with their parents, children of school age retired to the vestry for their own service of worship, followed by regular Sunday School classes. Junior Church continued for about 30 years.

Depression Years’ effect on Church finances…

On February 13, 1933, a special meeting of the church was called to consider the financial condition of the church. Because of a marked decrease in income, three plans were submitted to remedy the shortage:

Plan 1: Pastor to return to 10% of his salary to the Treasurer, and all church memebers be taxed $4.44.
Plan 2: Reduce the Pastor’s salary by 15% and ask church organizations to help make up the balance of expenses.
Plan 3: Reduce Pastor’s salary by 10% and obtain $50. from six people in the community.

After much discussion, all 3 plans were rejected. A motion to reduce the Pastor’s salary by 20% was also rejected.

A final motion to accept Rev. Buchin’s offer to be pastor of this church at a salary of $1200. per year was accepted. (This represented a 17% decrease.)