The church has responded a number of times to the need to provide a new home and new opportunities to the refugees of the world. In 1956, at the time of the Hungarian uprising, three Hungarian families were assisted. Hascall and Edna Stimson took a teen-age boy into their home, and a single man and a family of four were sponsored and relocated in the area.

In 1963, the church helped support a Cuban refugee program.

Again, in 1979, the church responded to the plight of the refugees fleeing Southeast Asia. Through the leadership and inspiration of Read and Martha Parmenter, three Laotian refugee families were brought to Pembroke and provided with housing and the support they needed to begin a new life in a strange country. The last family to arrive, Khamphan and Khommee Chamlongpheth, still resides in Pembroke and have become completely self-sufficient and self-supporting in a short period of time.

The rewards have been many for those who have been involved in helping those who are seeking a new beginning, leaving behind a life under conditions we have never known.