More Building Improvements

In 1890 Mr. George Little gave land for a parsonage which was immediately built just north of the church on the opposite side of the street. Five years later, Little gave the granite curbstones which are on three sides of the church and also had electric lights installed in the church building.

Mrs. Emily P. Eayers of Boston, Massachusetts left a trust to her family designated to be used for “religious and educational purposes.” In the fulfillment of that trust, her family, the Thomson’s (who resided in Pembroke) gave the Congregational Church $1200. to be used to build a chapel, requesting that it be named The Emily P. Eayers Chapel. The chapel was constructed in 1895 at the rear of the meeting house. The records say..”Nothing did it lack for social purposes,” indicating its usefulness.

The brick walk at the front of the church was also added in 1895.

The present pews were installed in 1905 and the metal ceiling was put up at this time.

A Familiar Concern

On November 6, 1921, the following resolution was voted upon and sent to the Honorable Charles E. Hughes, Washington, D.C.:

Resolved: The First Congregational Church of Pembroke, New Hampshire, representing a membership of over 200 people, hereby respectfully and most urgently petition the International Conference for the Limitation of Armaments, called to meet in Washington, D.C on November 11, 1921, not to dissolve until it has taken decisive action which will relieve the nations of an intolerable burden of taxation and effectually safeguard the world against a recurrence of war.

How the church got painted

July 22, 1890. We, the undersigned, agree to pay the sum set against our names for the purpose of painting the Congregational Church and Parsonage…(49 pledges ranging from $10. to $.50). Total amount of subscriptions: $224.50. Mr. Charles P. Hayward furnished and put in lattice around the back piazza at the Parsonage. Mr. A. Osgood gave lumber and moulding for sheathing overhead in the church vestibule. Mr. Curtis Hutchinson and C.P. Hayward gave the work of sheathing the vestibule. Mr. C French gave his work gilding the church name and painting the second coat on the front of the church.
Total cost: $217.07