The budget for 1922 read:

Pastor’s Salary $1200.00
Janitor 100.00
Incidentals 50.00
Music 60.00
Fuel 30.00
Lights 50.00
Insurance 125.00
Blow Boy 6.00
General Repairs 200.00

The above figures are based on a probable income made up as follows:

Church Collections $125.00
Income from Investments 475.00
Probable Subscriptions 1221.00
TOTAL 1821.00

December 16, 1921

A venison supper was given in the vestry of the church by some of the men of the comminity with Mr. J.C. Bradbury as chairman. The proceeds of $53.75 were voted to be paid to the Treasurer of the Church, Deacon E.A. Little, to be used for current church expenses.

At the Annual meeting of 1925

R. Towle Child, Music Committee Chairman, gave the church a blower for the organ. Thus ended the era of hand pumping the organ for church services, and a reduction of $6.00 in the church budget, designated for “Blow Boy.”